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Beers from Wiltshire

Same great beers, great new designs - we're currently re-engineering our brand, so you'll start seeing our new pump clips and bottle labels in pubs and beer aisles soon. We'll also be unveiling a new website shortly.

Beer fan? Join the cheeky half club

There’s a special pump here at the Brewery which never runs dry. At the end of a hard week the Box Steam crew congregate around it for a well-earned Cheeky Half. We’d like you to join us.

As a member of the Cheeky Half Club you’ll receive copies of our quarterly newsletter, a 10% discount in perpetuity on all direct purchases here and at our Shop, chances to win Box Steam goodies and, most importantly, a Cheeky Half when you pay us a visit.

Get on board! Email your name, address and date of birth to:


In the trade? You couldn't cask for a better deal

We’re celebrating summer with some fantastic price promotions on our regular favourites Tunnel Vision and Piston Broke.

We’re also brewing seasonal and monthly specials, and offer a range of bottled ales perfect for off trade and hospitality.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent addition to your bar, a high quality beer to fill a guest slot, or a local beer to add to your menu, give me, Heidi or Jake a call on 01225 782 700.